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Become a Chill Skills for Kids Coach by enrolling in the Path of Calm training program

Chill Skills for Kids is a unique child centred program that helps kids learn how to relax. It is designed to equip professionals & therapists with an effective program that helps children manage issues such as, stress, anxiety, insomnia, negative self-talk, low self esteem, etc.
For children, the Chill Skills for Kids program is engaging and a gentle, fun way to learn how to:

  • Identify & manage emotions
  • Learn about positive self-talk
  • Find different ways to be calm & relaxed
  • Build self-esteem
  • Create confidence
  • Create self-awareness
  • Identify emotions in the body
  • Express themselves through engaging therapeutic activities

About the program:

  • The program follows a simple step by step process
  • Each step is a valuable part of the program, as the children are able to learn new skills or insights from each step
  • Each step has a range of therapeutic activities to select from to tailor to the individual strengths of the Chills Skills coach and the needs of the client group
  • The meditation stories are written by the creators of the program and have themes such as, kindness, self-acceptance, friendship, etc
  • The creative activities are linked in to the meditation stories
  • The program has a strong theme based on nature and connecting with self
  • Each child has their own personal activity journal to work with in the classes & take home
  • The resources that are used in the classes are therapeutic and can also be purchased by parents to use at home

What you will learn

  • Relaxation techniques
  • Ways to deliver guided meditation (relaxation stories) to children
  • Exploring themes of the stories through discussion and creative activities
  • Ways to encourage sharing and discussion
  • Creative activities that will engage and inspire children towards self expression and relaxation
  • Positive thinking and the use of affirmations and visualisations
  • How to write your own lesson plan
  • How to tailor classes to different age groups

Included in your package are:

  • “Meditation for Kids” CD
  • “Starlight & Dragons” CD
  • Program manual (includes admin forms)
  • Activity manual
  • Licence to teach Chill Skills to Kids
  • Free listing on the Chill Skills website

Training package; 2 day workshop or on-line training – Value $799

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