Relaxation Techniques For Children Presented In New Book

By Mel Fabrikant    Monday, June 17, 2013, 06:35 PM EDT

Picture book emphasizes the importance of self-acceptance, teaches children to relax. Stress is not a word commonly associated with children, but in this increasingly busy and demanding world children are facing the realities of living with stress earlier and earlier in their lives.

Lisa Hemmings and Allan O’Keefe, who have extensive experience working with children suffering from a variety of problems from stress to anxiety, have developed a number of resources that teach children how to manage their stress. Imagine Me With The Three Owls is a children’s picture book that teaches children how to use their imaginations and the importance of self-acceptance. This book takes readers or listeners on a relaxing journey through the magic of nature during nighttime and is a great activity that parents and children can enjoy together. “We wanted parents to be able to do this activity at home with their children,” said Hemmings. “Both the parent and the child will both feel more relaxed after reading the story and these feelings can have a positive effect on the whole family.” Hemmings teaches ‘Chill Skills for Kids’ classes that show children techniques they can use in order to relax. After the success of these classes, Hemmings and O’Keefe wanted to supplement their classes with take home activities for parents, which is how Imagine Me With The Three Owls was born. “This book is intended to help children and parents to manage issues,” said Hemmings. “It is meant to help bring more calm, happiness, confidence, resilience and positivity into the lives of all families.” For more information, visit  or . Imagine Me With The Three Owls By Lisa Hemmings & Allan O’Keefe Paperback, $13.95 Kindle, $3.99 ISBN: 978-1-45250-551-0 Available at ,  and . About the authors Lisa Hemmings has been working with both adults and children throughout her career as a massage therapist. In addition, she runs “Chill Skills for Kids” classes and works individually with children on a range of issues. Allan O’Keefe is a counselor who works with children and adults and he facilitates a men’s anger management program. He also works as a part-time massage therapist. They reside in Shepparton, Australia.

Event – Health Harmony & Soul Expo, Canberra, May, 2013.

We had a great time at the Health Harmony Soul expo last weekend and met some wonderful people. We are so excited to be bringing Chill Skills for kids to Canberra. We met some really great people who are interested in our Chill Skills for kids classes and teacher training workshops coming up in Canberra.

Magical Unicorns

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Sparkles the unicorn is a really popular item from our new range of prints on our on-line store, “The Positive Thoughts Collection”.

Sparkles, is one of the characters from the story, “The Beach” on our “Meditation for Kids” CD, “he is called sparkles, because he has sparkles around him all the time”. The message that Sparkles delivers is “Believe”, this word can have different meanings to each individual, it depends on what you want it to mean. It can easily be turned into a positive thought, or (affirmation), e.g., “I believe in myself.” 

This positive thought ties in with the theme of our new book, “Imagine Me with The Three Owls”, which is self-acceptance.

To accept ourselves is to believe in ourselves, then we can shine and show our magic just as Sparkles the unicorn does. Remember, be yourself, you are special because there is only one you, when you be yourself you can discover who you really are and find that inner peace and shine bright like Sparkles does.

The art of self care for parents & carers

As a parent  you owe it to yourself and your children to take care of yourself. Emotionally, spiritually and physically, you are sharing all of these valuable aspects of yourself  in being a parent. It’s important you find ways give to yourself what you need.

This can mean time out. By simply putting aside some time each week for yourself, to do the things that you enjoy. This time should be treated with the same importance as your other commitments, for example,  you could  schedule that time into your diary as you would other appointments, this also assists you to plan and manage your time efficiently. You don’t have to put aside a lot of time, it could simply be time out for a massage, lunch or coffee  with a friend. Keep it simple and achievable, that way it becomes regular and doesn’t feel like you are taking too much time out of your day. Instead it will become an essential part of your day as you will be re-scheduling self care back into your days.

It is essential that you have a good support network, both professionally and in your private life. Support can be in the form of someone to call when you need to talk through things. Professionally it could be someone else in the same industry as you that understands your business.

Privately it can be a friend or relative that you can call when you need to just talk about things. Also seeking of guidance and support from a professional therapist  is essential if you feel that you are not coping; e.g., counselling, psychologist, alternative therapies can also be beneficial e.g. acupuncture, Reiki and holistic counselling.

Ideally seek out regular on going therapies that will assist to maintain a balance in your life, such as massage, aromatherapy, meditation, acupuncture, etc. Of course, engaging  in regular physical exercise and eating  a healthy balanced diet  is important to our emotional and physical wellbeing.

Take care of yourself, you’re worth it!


Lisa & Allan

Path of Calm

Essential oils and creating calm kids and homes

Essential oils have  a therapeutic effect on our psychological and physical systems. The aroma of the oils such as Lavender, have a soothing effect on the emotional state. Try putting a drop or two of essential Lavender oil on a cloth and placing it where your child can smell it when they are in bed, e.g. under their pillow, or beside the bed. Try using Lavender oil in a vaporiser, you can buy one from most supermarkets. Vaporisers come in many shapes and sizes, they have a small bowl on top to place water and essential oil in and a platform for a slow burning t-light  candle beneath it.  You can add up to 5 – 10 drops of oil in total to the water, using a combination of up to 3 -4 different essential oils. Remember never to leave a burning candle unattended. Use only 100% pure essential oils, as the cheaper brands are often not pure and are mixed with chemicals to create the perfume. When we use this method, we breathe in the aroma of the essential oils, it goes into our bloodstream, which is why it is very important to use only pure essential oils.

Some blends to try in a vapouriser are;

A calming blend to use in the evening ; Lavender, Cedarwood & Lemon.

A calming blend to use during the day; Lavender, Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang & Mandarin. 

Have fun creating calm,

Path of Calm

Hoo Hoo, soon to be released childrens picture book, Imagine Me with The Three Owls.

We have the very exciting news that our children’s picture book, Imagine me withThe Three Owls will soon be ready for release!

Allan and Lisa will be doing  a live interactive workshop with Hay House Radio, should be a HOot. Hope you can join us, we will be sharing with you ways in which the book can be used for kids. Apart from the obvious, that is chilling out, relaxing and having fun, we will share our experiences of working with kids.

Hope you can join us

Dates and times to be announced, we will keep you posted.


From Lisa and Allan.